xibo-client-v3-R301.1-win32-x86 and PowerPoint

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My company is using the Xibo Cloud and I am testing the newest player I could download. I am having an issue getting Power Point working properly on the client. It seems that when the power point comes up on the screen, the first slide does not advance on it’s own. If you hook up a keyboard or mouse, you can either hit the space bar on the keyboard, or right click with the mouse and then Select “Next Slide”, it will advance to the next slide. After that the timings will kick in and it will auto advance to the remaining slides by itself. Since you are uploading the actual power point presentation, there is no way to give it a switch to autoplay. I can only believe that this would be in the code of the player some where. Is there any way we can have someone look at this a little and correct the code or if there is a registry key that needs to be added, would be able to let me know what that key would be?

Hello, please ensure that you have prepared your PowerPoint presentation before uploading to the CMS as explained here: Prepare the PowerPoint Presentation

As Xibo will not advance slides contained in a presentation, you will need to record automatic slide timings (Slide Show > Rehearse Timings) and then save.

Natasha, thank you for your reply. We have set the transition timings on each slide, but again, when the power point starts up on in the player, it does not move past the first slide unless we manually advance it past the first slide. It does work correctly with the older xibo-client-1.8.10-win32-x86 client.

Is there a way for me to send you the power point file I am using so you can test it out yourself?

This has been previously reported as an error and unfortunately we do not have a fix for this at present:

We would suggest exporting your presentation as a Video, which is a far more reliable option: Powerpoint Manual page

For future reference, as you are a Xibo in the Cloud customer you get access to our helpdesk included as part of the service, so please do Open a Ticket if you do have any further issues.

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