Xibo client lag/freeze at the beginning of each video played

Hello all,

I’m currently working on windows 10 with R256.7 Windows Chromium Client, on several computers with both high and low specs (I7, 16go RAM // Celeron J4125, 8go RAM). One for testing and the other for my business need.

My problem is that there is a 1 second lag/freeze between the videos on the client as the begining of each video, on both my computers. The setup is a pc with a second screen displaying Xibo.

I initially thaught it was linked to the small specs of my computer (celeron one), but same thing appears on my second pc with high specs.
So a this moment I thaught it maybe was linked to the settings of my xibo cms (version 2.3.9), trying to change some of them…
After an hour of changes, I gave up closing my laptop screen for a break. And then I noted that Xibo (playing on the second screen) wasn’t lagging anymore…!

I really don’t understand why is this happening… My laptop ressources are less than 10% utilisation…
When my laptop is working normally with xibo on the second screen : it lags ; but when the main laptop screen is closed (claped), Xibo works perfectly on the second screen still in work.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions ?

Thank you for your help, i’m very stuck…!

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