Xibo Client is showing Memory Limit of 512MB

Hi Alex,

i am having layout of 539 images(each of 10 secs period) of total size 700MB, when i schedule it on Andriod Xibo Client it gets uploaded and same is displayed in status tab.

but it fails to play,

whereas my server & client details required are below

Server : upload_max_filesize=700

Memory Limit=512(in some displays it is 256MB)
Memory allocation=101mb(in some displays it is 67MB )

please help me to fix this issue as i am facing it from many days earlier my layout had 512 images of around 650MB Size and everthing used to work fine but now display crashing every time.

Also please suggest me that can i do scheduling by dividing this layout of 539 images into parts of two with individual size as 270 each.

I am running Xibo 1.7.

I believe this is an issue with number of dependents on the single layout in 1.7 series, this issue should not exist in 1.8 series though.

As a work around in 1.7 series, as you say dividing the layout into 2 or 3 or more layouts with less dependents should solve the problem.

You could create couple of layouts add them all to a campaign and then schedule the campaign in a single event to your player.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for response,

i am having a single standard layout for all displays(total of 8 displays).

shall i copy the standard layout and rename it with standard_layout_location 1
then again standard_layout_location 2
standard_layout_location 3
standard_layout_location 4
standard_layout_location 5

and the apply it on specific location android client… will this solve my issue ???

Hi Peter,

Hi Alex,

as per our above discussion i have changed one single standard layout into multiple layouts and scheduled onto xibo client but still i am facing the issue.

initially it played and status of it is in below screenshot, but total it totally got crashed again and started displaying default xibo image.

kindly find the below screenshots and requesting you to help me on this ASAP.

One of the images you’re sending is not in a supported format.

Look for images that have very high DPI settings, or use non-standard colour profiles as a first step.

The log shows you the two images specifically that it’s complaining about. Media ID 1152 and 1047.

okay i will change them, but main issue what i am facing is my when i am scheduling standard layout of 539 images into 2 layouts as standard layout new 1 and standard layout new 2 by putting them into campaign.

Display is crashing!!!

if i change DPI settings of media ID 1152 and 1047 will it solve my issue???

539 images is too many, even 250 is too many for a 1.7 series CMS

It simply can’t deal with that many media items on a single layout. You will need to break it down in to much smaller layouts - say 50 items each.

Hi Alex,

As you said i have divided my standard layout of 539 images into 5 layouts of total 350 images
(i have to create another 4 layouts of 50 images each to get all my 539 images into scheduling but i ran out of time today i will do it tomorrow)
1 of 5 with 100 images,
2 of 5 with 100 images,
3 of 5 with 50 images,
4 of 5 with 50 images,
5 of 5 with 50 images,

Total 5 layouts accounting to 350 images but when i add these 5 layouts to campaign and schedule it.
they are getting scheduled and getting displayed but issue is i see every layout multiple times in scheduling(please check in below screen shot).


please help!!!

You still didn’t fix your broken images.

If you can give me access to your CMS, I will take a look at the scheduling for you.

Hi Alex,

by dividing the layout of 539 images into size of 50 each and scheduling it, worked for me.

Thanks for your support Alex and Xibo Team you guys are great.

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