Xibo client goes offline, scheduled display reverts to default

Player Version



I do have a setup of TV’s with a Mini PC connected to the internet (LTE Router) on a store. There are scheduled displays set on time of the day (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks). However I just recently found out that when the router loses connection/cellular signal and went offline, Xibo Client (Mini PC) reverts the menu to the default layout.


  1. Does Xibo Player remembers the scheduled layout since it is downloading all files needed for the layout?
  2. How long does the Client will retain the schedule when offline before it reverts to the default layout?

Yes, the player keeps the files/layouts and the schedule, without time limit.

It should not revert to the default layout.

It is autonomous and can work without link of CMS.

Windows device may have lost the date/time configuration. Check that.