Xibo client 1.7.7 on Windows 7 Embedded

I know that on old versions there were some problems on clients installed on Windows 7 Embeddeed and I found on old launchpad support platform the confirmation on it. Now I’d like to know if using client 1.7.7 problems are still present or if it is possible to use Windows 7 Embedded.

Thanks for support.
Massimo Rosciano

Hello Massimo,

The answer is…It may or may not work, we didn’t test it and we don’t know if embedded Win7 has full .net framework required by Xibo or not.

Officially we support only desktop Windows, as for embedded you can give it a try, but it’s not tested/supported by us.


Thank you Peter for the reply.

Which .NET version must we try to install on Windows 7 Embedded?


All Minimum Requirements for windows client are listed here:

.NET Framework v3.5 SP1

Thanks! We’lll do the test as soon as possible!

just to let you know to you and to the community, we installed .NET on Win7 Embedded and we solved our problems. The problems were related to the fact that layout were not updated. Now all works correctly.

Bye and thanks.

I’m glad to hear that, thank you for your feedback.

I hope it will continue to run as expected :slight_smile:

We will test it on next days and I’ll let you know