Xibo backend GUI refresh

Xibo is awesome however one of the complaints I always get from my end users is how complicated the back end is to use. I would like to see a simple way for end users to add there content to a layout. Where they can upload a photo,vido or add text in a simple 3-4 step method. They would sign on that would be the only options that they have and once the add there content it would go to the predetermind layout that assigned to them. Just a suggestion.

I totally agree, i also like Xibo but the way for people who dont work on this kind of systems is to difficult. I have seen so many other more easy systems or ui, cant be this hard. Or maybe we both dont see the easy way.

The graphical interface (GUI) and simplicity have been greatly improved in version 4.

But yes, there are still improvements to be made.

My company trains users in 7 hours.

I think it’s complicated to have a lot of functionality in a clean interface. You have to find the right balance.
However, Xibo is no inferior than any other open source solution.

Well not to focus too much on the negatives here, but I think Xibo lacks that special professional polish. It does it’s job, but it’s bare minimum.

  • The permissions system has gone down hill ever since v3. The transition to folders did not go well for us and continues to be a burden with content/display management separation. Our users have way more access than they need to the system just to do basic tasks like On-Demand Screenshots, etc.

  • Most of our users end up designing things either in Powerpoint or Canva and import it into the CMS. While v4 is a step in the right direction, once again the devs take it in the wrong direction and push towards hiding all code and customization. The removal of the Image Widget and customized HTML/CSS is a step in the wrong direction. I agree the drag-n-drop system should be simplified for users, but there’s so much ‘prep-work’ just to insert slides. There is no reason things should ever be this tedious.

  • Widgets and Modules are stale. Even basic things like the clock are generic and haven’t been updated in years. With the falloff of ‘free’ widgets and subscription services going mainstream, i.e. X, Weather, Dashboards-- things are no longer ‘free’.

I think consider implementing a straightforward process where users can sign in and easily upload photos, videos, or add text in 3-4 simple steps. After adding their content, it should automatically go to their assigned predetermined layout. This streamlined approach would enhance usability and address common complaints about the complexity of the backend.