Xibo Auto Upload everyday


I tried to search in previous topics but i didn’t found anything related to my problem…

I have several clients using Xibo and I’d like to push a different image every morning on all monitors.
Images are generated every morning by a scheduled program, and I’d like to find a way to push them in Xibo in an automatic way.
If I create once a layout and I simply change the library file, I guess it won’t be updated on Xibo clients.
I’d like to know if there is a way to dinamically upload the image, create a layout, assign it to displays by webservices or other routines, without having to execute the task manually.

Anyone has already did this?

Thanks in advance!

If the layout will remain the same from day to day, except for the image, perhaps host the image on your web server, then show it in the layout using the html img tag in an embedded media?

You need to use the API to script the upload:

Thank you all for your quick replies!!
I’ll try them immediately!!