Xibo app for Android TV

Recently Samsung and Sony have launched Android TVs and allow users to install apps made for TV from Google Play. I was wondering if the Xibo for Android app can be downloaded from Google Play or is there a way to side load Xibo for Android app in such TVs.

If I could side load Xibo app on such TVs I can recommend our customers to buy android TVs instead of buying a TV and Android device.

Has anyone done this?

I know a way to install xibo on an android tv device, but it’s a bit complicated .
In the PlayStore exists an app called “ES File Explorer”. It has a built-in browser with which you can navigate to xibo.org and download the apk.

Then you just have to install it. Worked well for me.

Thanks Misteru! So, practically I can download and install any app that I want.

I’m not sure in this point. Better you try it on your own, before you tell it your customers. :smiley:

sure, I will try it out. but for that I will have to buy one first :wink:

Hi… can you please tell me the TV model you are using