Xibo API not working for postman


I am using the xibo 1.8.1 version and trying to call API through postman. I am following the instructions mentioned in the below link… https://xibo.org.uk/docs/developer/cms-api-overview 1# My First API call is Access Token. I should receive the access token however, i am receiving the below error. kindly suggest. [Capture]


It looks like the {{url}} variable in your Postman environment might be incorrect.
Perhaps additional trailing slash or something like that.

I’d suggest going through my api introduction 1.8 API Introduction

If you’re on 1.8.1, then upgrade to 1.8.13 would be highly recommended, 1.8.1 is quite old at this point.


Could you please send me the new version link. I can’t see the latest version.


Downloaded from …https://blog.xibo.org.uk/1-8-13-released/

Please see blelow screenshot


Hi Peter,

installed latest version but still showing same error, Do we need to configure any other settings ?


Do we need a docker environment or others things?



You don’t need any additional settings to get the API working - there is something wrong with the URL that you’re using.

If you visit it in a browser you should get the API landing JSON at /api if you don’t then there is a configuration issue.