Xibo API 1.8.0 update widget's display order

Hello everyone! , I have a question about update the display order of a widget the route used to do this is


and as data i’m sending
displayOrder : 32
duration : 10

Before you continue reading this, I must say that i’m testing this directly on Postman, not php or anything else.

duration is being updated while the displayOrder property of the widget isn’t therefore my question is :
if there is another way to go through this? or there is something that i’m missing or not doing well?.

Thanks so much.

If you’re actually using 1.8.0 version, then first thing I’d highly recommend is to upgrade it to 1.8.2, there were lots of fixes since the original 1.8.0 release.

That being said, you are using wrong call to change display order, but I can see why, the order change is not documented in the api doc, so natural instinct would be to try and edit the widget.

I’ll try to explain it here on an example.

The final call we will use is
POST {{url}}/api/playlist/order/playlistId

with following parameter

The value of that parameter will be the display order you want to set for that specific widget

Let’s say I have my playlistId 1241 and that I also have there a widgetId 1155, that currently have displayOrder 2 and I want to change it to displayOrder 1, then I will call:
POST {{url}}/api/playlist/order/1241
widgets[1155] with value 1

In Postman:

I hope that helps.