Xibo android player with LED screens

I am new to Xibo and I am testing with a server 3.2.1 docker installation on Ubuntu 20. I am trying to run Xibo player 2 ( player 3 did not work well for me) on an Android TV box X96.
The box should connect to a LED screen contreller, and since LED screens can be built to any size thus it can have an odd resolution and odd number of pixels, my current screen under test is of pixels resolution 1204 W X 1290H>

Since the LED controller maps every pixel in the input image to a LED pixel in the screen, I tried a lot to adjust the image and the layout size to match the resolution above or show a full picture on the screen without success.

Any help, or did anybody use Xibo with LED screens??

We run a fleet of LED advertising vans. Each van has 3 ‘screens’ although in reality these are separate regions within a single layout. In your case you will need just a single region:

  • Create a resolution that it the same as your sending card
  • Create a template using that resolution
  • Create a region in your template that is the same pixel count as your LED display (1204 x 1290).
  • Save and publish your template
  • Create a new layout using the template and resolution you previously made.
  • Drop any widgets / media into your region.
  • Set the region appearance to stretch rather than centre as you have an unusual aspect ratio
  • Publish and schedule

Im happy to go into more depth if you want to send me a DM

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