Xibo Android Player v1.8_R107 is not starting automatically

There is a problem with auto startup of Xibo Android Player v1.8_R107
The player application is not starting automatically after device boot-up.
Please suggest. Thanks.

Can you confirm the following:

  • What device are you running your Xibo for Android Player on?

To answer the following questions, I will need you to log into your CMS, select Display Settings, click the down facing triangle at the end of the Android Profile you are using with your Player and choose Edit from the menu.

  • If you select the Advanced tab, can you confirm that the “Start During Device Startup?” box is ticked?
  • On the same tab, you will see a field named “Start delay for Device Startup”. Can you confirm what this is set to? Can you also confirm that the Player is not automatically starting after this period has passed?

Many Thanks.

We are using VU tv with Android 7.0
We have done all display settings for the same and “Start delay for Device Startup” is set to 20 sec.
I have tried by changing the time between 10 to 60 secs but no success.
After setting up these advanced settings, the Player is not automatically starting.

Thank you for providing the answers to my questions. I have taken a look at the VU TVs and I can see that they use Android TV.

Android TV is not an officially supported platform, which would explain why the Player is not starting automatically. I’m not familiar with the VU TV brand, but there may be an option in the TV settings that will allow you to set an app to start on power up.

I can also see that there are apps available for Android TV that allow you to set an app to start when the TV is switched on. I haven’t used any of these apps so I cannot officially recommend them, but it does mean that there may be a solution to this issue.

I have included a link to our Recommended Android Hardware Guide, which lists officially tested devices:

If you are not able to find an option to auto start an app on the TV, you may have to consider an alternative solution for your Hardware.

Many Thanks.

Autostart and Stay on the Play Store has proven useful for many people on this forum. We’ve used SureLock to start particular apps before (mainly to run marketing surveys on tablet kiosks), so I don’t see why it would not work for Xibo.

Thank you for providing suggestions for NSPL. I will also make note of the fact that these apps have been used by members of our community.

Many Thanks.

Thanks Dan and Plant_Mister for your valuable suggestions. I will check the same with our end.