Xibo Android Player doesn't update/sync/refresh Layout


in our company we use an Android player with Xibo. Through a layout for each week, we maintain different images as content. If we add or delete an image, the Android player will notice that very irregular or very late or not at all. When we unplug the Android Player for a moment and plug it in again, it took over the changes. How can the changes - ie the deletion or addition of images - easily passed on to the Android Player without having to always unplug the power cord? Thanks for your help!

Thank you for your message. Can you confirm:

  • What version of the Xibo for Android Player you are using?
  • Whether you are receiving any errors in the Logs section of your CMS for that Display?

Please also provide a screenshot of the Status page from the Player. You can access the Status page by clicking on the screen while the Xibo Player is running and choosing Status from the action bar that appears at the top of the screen. You may need to obscure your CMS URL in the Logs or you can send the screenshot to me in a private message if you would like to keep the details private.

Many Thanks.

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Hey DanBW,

thanks for your answer.
We are using Android version 1.8

I found that in the log. Is this the right log sectin or where can I find it?

Here is the Status page:

Do you need any furtherinformation? Many thanks for your help!

Thank you for your reply and further information about your Player.

I can’t see that you have provided me the Status page from your Player. can you follow the instructions I provided in my previous message and provide the Status page from the Player itself, not your CMS.

Many Thanks.

Hey DanBW,

thank for your answer. Here you go!

Do you need any further information? Many thanks for your help!

Thank you for the screenshots. I would first recommend upgrading the Player to the latest version of 1.8, which is 1.8 R108. You can download a copy of the APK from the below link, to upgrade the Player simply copy the APK onto the device and click to begin. You do not need to uninstall the previous version of the Player.

Xibo player downloads, Android

I can also see that you have an error suggesting your XMR service has not been set up. XMR is a push messaging service that will ensure that any changes to the scheduled Events are sent to the Player straight away. Without XMR, the Player will not receive the changes to the Layout until it next connects to your CMS on the Collect Interval you have set. I would recommend setting up XMR for your CMS so that you receive changes to your Events quicker. If you can let me know the installation method you used (custom or Docker, as well as the operating system), I can pass on the relevant guides for setting this up.

Could you also confirm the Collect Interval you have set for your Players and whether this Player is connecting to your CMS on those Collect Intervals or later?

Many Thanks.

Thanks for your ansewr.

The installation has been taken over by a third party. Can you tell me where to check which installation method was used?

The Collect interval is currently 10 minutes:

Does this information help you?

You can check if your CMS is installed using Docker by first seeing if you have Docker installed on the operating system your CMS was installed onto. If Docker is running, you could use the docker ps command to see if there are any containers running on that machine. If they are not then it is likely a custom install. If you are still unsure, I would recommend talking to the 3rd party that set it up for you.

For custom installs:

For Docker installs, see the XMR section in this guide instead:

Thanks for the screenshot and confirming that the collect interval is set at 10 minutes. What should currently happen according to your setup is:

  • You make a change to the Layout that is scheduled on your Display.
  • The CMS will make a note of these changes and change the Status for your Player to a Cloud icon. For reference, below is the screenshot of the Display entry you provided in a previous message. It is the Status column in your screenshot that should change to a cloud icon, not in the Status page on the Player itself:
  • The next stage is that your Android Player will contact your CMS on or around the next Collect Interval, so you should only need to wait up to 10 minutes for that to happen.
  • Once the Player connects to your CMS, it will check if there are any changes to the scheduled Layouts etc and begin to download those changes. You will notice that the Status column will have changed from a Cloud to a Cross, which means that the Player is now downloading those files it requires. Please note that if you have made a lot of changes to your Layout or the new required files are quite large, then this may take some time to complete. The speed and stability of your network connection will also affect the time taken.
  • Finally once those files have been successfully downloaded, the Status will change to the tick shown in your screenshot.

I wondered if we could try a test to get some idea as to how long it is taking for your Display to update and whether it is performing as expected. the best way to test this would be to make a change to the Layout that is currently scheduled on your Display and monitor it in the Displays page on your CMS to see if the above steps occur. If any of the above steps do not happen, then we have something to investigate further.

Please also note that the Displays page in your CMS does not automatically update, you will need to refresh the page in your browser to see the changes.

I will wait to hear how this test went, if any of the above details are not clear, please do let me know.

Many Thanks.