Xibo android on-premise(offline) license


I want to purchase Xibo android on-premise(offline) license , Please guide me where can i buy if possible provide me the link to purchase the licence directly.


You need to log in to Customer Portal - https://springsignage.com/portal - and then navigate to your Android licence pool, and then select “Add on-premise licencing”.

Please be sure you need it and understand how it works before purchasing however. Particularly, note that it won’t give you unlimited licences for Android devices or anything along those lines. All it will do is allow the monthly licence check the Players do to be completed by your CMS instead.

If you have any questions regarding it, please email support@springsignage.com prior to purchase and they will be able to advise you.


We are planning to do this for banking sectors. The problem is they are not allowing internet facilities in the branch site. Thats why we are planning to deploy this on prim ices licences which can connect with the local server not the cloud base. Please advice me how we can use this licences without internet connection.


When you purchase the on-premise pack, the files you need and instructions are sent to you.

The process is roughly as follows.

Install the software on your CMS (it’s a couple of PHP files).
Request licences from your Players, which generates a request file on your CMS
Manually transfer the request to a computer with Internet access and upload it in to Customer Portal
Download a signed licence file from Customer Portal
Transfer it back to the CMS
Player will then licence

You can request multiple Players in a single licencing request, so you needn’t do this for each individual player. If you subsequently reinstall the Player software, then it may be necessary to repeat the process, depending on the exact hardware used.

@Alex, is it posible to shift already licensed androids from cloud to on premise workflow?

Yes. Once you have on-premise on your pool, you can download an on-premise android.txt file for your existing Players straight away.

Note though, if your Android devices are flawed in that they generate a new MAC address on each restart, you may encounter some devices that require relicencing during the switch, as the offline process is not able to compensate for that directly.

The recommended devices won’t exhibit that behaviour.

Hi alex,

I hope you’re doing fine.
i just need to know how to install software on your cms (its a couple of PHP files).
if you can give me link to instructions page how to do this.

You may have a look at this:

The instructions are here:

i’ve followed the steps but unable to find Android folder and request.txt file

Are you sure that the Players aren’t able to access the licence service directly. If they can, they won’t connect to the CMS at all and no request.txt will be generated.