Xibo Android not refreshing content website

Hi everybody, i’m using Xibo on an Minix Android device and when i want to show a particular website (which contains information from our solar panel-systems) it only shows zero’s. If i use the URL in the web browser on the Minix it works just fine. What makes it extra strange is that this problem doesn’t occur always. Sometimes the content of the website is updated after a reset or a re-install of Xibo. As said, if i change the layout or put an extra/other website in, the content is updated fine, also it always works in all sorts of browsers on Minix Android. It’s only the case with that particular site on Xibo. Has anybody got any idea what could be the problem.

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Marco

Hi Marco,

Few questions:
What CMS / Xibo for Android versions are you using please?

Is there only this one item(webpage) on your layout?
Are you using open natively option to display it?
What’s the collection interval and layout duration?
Does your android device has reliable internet connection?
Are there any errors in CMS logs (assuming you have debugging on) or on a device’s status window?

Hi Peter,

i’m using CMS version 1.7 and Xibo version 1.7 build 60 on a Android 4.4.2 Minix NEO X8-H Plus. My layout duration is 500 and i have it set to open natively.

Your remark about a reliable internet connection made me think. I hooked the Minix up to my iPhone so my iPhone was an access point and immediately the numbers showed up. After that i switched back to our own Wifi signal and since then (1 hour) the numbers keep getting updated. So i think your thought that it might be network-signal related looks right to me. It’s still strange that the same URL in a separate browser windows on the Minix didn’t have any problem with showing the website. Perhaps Xibo is managing the bandwidth?

Xibo doesn’t manage bandwidth. At a 500 seconds duration, if whatever in the webpage is unable to refresh itself then Xibo won’t refresh the content until those 500 seconds have elapsed.

Perhaps consider lowering that duration so it can reload the page more often.

Hi Alex, the duration is not an issue. The website consists of 4 pages that are in a loop. Here’s the url: http://www.solarbox-display.nl/SiteJulianaschool.aspx (it’s in Dutch). If i change the duration to 200 or 100 it still happens. BTW, if i create a wired connection to the Minix Xibo loads the pages just fine. It’s on wifi when i get the problem, but as stated before, only in Xibo. Perhaps it has something to do with the website itself, in that case this forum is not the right place for my problem.

If it works with the LAN cable but not with Wifi then it’s very likely signal strength related.

The webpage is making background requests every second or so. I suspect when the wifi signal drops out, that refresh breaks and the page stops updating.

If you lowered the refresh time in Xibo, then it would recover more quickly, but it’s fundamentally a case of being a webpage that doesn’t like losing connection to the Internet while it’s running.

Thanks Alex (and Peter) for the support. I will contact the website builder.

It’s been a while since I posted but unfortunately my problem isn’t solved. The website builder explained to me that the problem lies in the way that XIBO refreshes the website implemented in the design. If I use another brand of CMS (Rise Vision) the website displays fine when the refresh-rate of the website is set to none. In Xibo there is no way to set a refresh rate on a website. No matter what the duration is (being 1 or 500 seconds or anything in beween) the website (or Xibo) makes ti much API-calls and is therefore beging banned (IP-BAN). Does anybody have any ideas on how to tell Xibo not to refresh a website? Thanks in advance.