Xibo Android Client unable to display more rtsp streams at the same time

Dear all,

I tried to create a layout (screen divided by 4 regions) and display 4 rtsp streams at the same time. The streams are pulled from different ip cams and I am able to display one sigle stream, but never more at the same time. let me describe: first i.e. cam 2 is showing, all other ones are black. next time as soon as the layout appears cam 4 is shown, but none of the other ones. next time may be cam 3 only. I have no clue why this is the case. If i show the 4 cams after each other, everything works fine. But the requirement is to show all four of them contemporarily. Any suggestions how I could do that?

As a workaround: I am also able to pull screenshots from the cams. Would it be an option to display the screenshot and change it every 0,5 or every sec? Or is there any way to assemble the 4 streams as a html page (dahua cams) and then simply embed them to xibo? my fav solution would be rtsp.


What hardware are you using? We’ve come across devices that are unable to render more than one video (regardless of source) simultaneously in the past.

Thanks for your reply. I am using this device: MXQ S85

I have the same issue on this device: MX3 M82

Neither are devices we’ve tested so I’m afraid I can’t comment on their ability. Try putting 4 different video files in the same arrangement on a layout and see if it can play 4 video files simultaneously. My guess is it will only be able to show one video file too.

I have already tried that with no luck. Can it really be just the device? Its a standard android 4.4.2 os.
Any other suggestions? Can I may be rewrite the video stream and embed it somehow? I am also able to pull mjpeg, but android (webview) is not capable of showing it. It works well in chrome on android, but xibo is not able to use that instead of webview :confused: any suggestions or hints that may be helpful?

Thanks in advance

I don’t have one of our recommended devices with me today so I can’t test it directly for you now. Perhaps someone else will be able to.

Hi Fabian,

It’s most likely related to your device, not all android devices can handle 2 or more videos playing simultaneously.

One of our recommended devices is Minix neo Z64, on this device I can easily display 4 (probably more too) videos at once.

Unfortunately the answer is yes - sort of. Xibo for Android uses the MediaPlayer provided by Android to render all video. In many cases the MediaPlayer will use a hardware decoder so that you get the best possible playback. The hardware decoder is provided by the firmware of the device and is the deciding factor for whether or not a device can play multiple sources or not.

A device with a higher specification should be more likely to support decoding multiple streams at once - although i’ve not personally tested with 4.

We do want to replace the MediaPlayer with something more customisable, however we are still likely to use the hardware decoding route as that is the thing that makes sense.

Starting with 4.4 the webview has been based on chrome. 4.4.2 should have version 30, but I am not sure whether that is capable of displaying mjpeg.

Thank you all for the feedback.
Ok then I get it, its most likely because of the hardware decoder. Does one of you know if the .net client is able to play 4 streams? because I need the streams just in 1-2 places, for the other stuff my devices have enough power.


Minix Neo Z64 can come with Android (that’s the one that I have) or Windows.

Streams are a bit easier to setup on Android device to be honest, but in this case you’d need new device(s)

As for Windows client, is it capable of displaying 4 videos at once? Definitely yes, although again it might depend on PC spec and the video quality etc.

Also as I’ve mentioned, live streams on Xibo for Windows are a bit more tricky to setup
Please have a look at this guide:

Thanks again, will look into that. Last question, just out of curiosity: why do you not test more low-cost devices like the mxq s85? I used it for weeks now and am really happy with it. It costs less than half what the minix devices cost :slight_smile: Thanks

We have tested lower cost devices but they aren’t recommended because of issues just like the one you’ve hit here.

They are normally built to a poor standard and will fail in long term use 24/7, or come with poorly written firmware.

The devices we recommend have undergone many hours of testing and there are thousands of installations out there using them so any issues with them are likely to come to our attention quickly.