Xibo Android Client R202 install

Installing the latest Xibo Android Client R202, I’m unable to install onto a
H96 Max / Rockchip RK3318 / 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM / OS 9.0

Error: There was a problem parsing the package.

Xibo for Android 1.7 R64 is the only version that will work… My CMS is the latest version.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Possibly something you’ve already done but have you enabled app installation from “unknown” sources?

Yes. I have changed this in the settings.

Hi jk23! Welcome to the Community, sorry to hear you are experiencing this issue.

Could you provide more information about your issue? For example, where are you seeing the Error? If you could provide a screenshot of this error that would be very helpful.

Here is a link to the Xibo for Android Download centre, could you try installing 1.8 R108 onto your device and confirm if the issue persists? Any screenshots you can provide of any errors you experience would also be helpful.

Many Thanks.

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