Xibo Android Client over https

I have set up my xibo cms in my local HTTPS server with a selfsigned ssl certificate.
I can’t connect to cms using my android client (Unable to connect to that CMS adress) when i use the link to my xibo installation usgin https(it’s working when i change https to http)


It’s probably not listed as a trusted, you will need to manually install the SSL certificate on your device.

Please see this article for details - Is SSL supported?

Thanks for your reply,
I did install my certificate on the android client manually but still i get the error: Unable to connect to that CMS adress. I even forced HTTPS on the mysql database

Hello thanks for the support,
I found out what was the problem : it was the Common Name in my generated ssl it has to be my fqdn of my server.

Great, I am glad that you were able to resolve this issue :smile: