Xibo Android Client Menus

Hey All.
So i have installed the Xibo Android app on some hdmi sticks.
Under the settings (3 dots on top right, settings) i am used to seeing only a few options.
I get the following headings:
Local Settings

However, a few days ago when i set xibo as the home launcher, then couldn’t get to any android settings. I cam across a much more comprehensive longer menu.

How do I get to it again?

What hardware devices are you running the Xibo app on? Please provide the model number and Android version.

Many Thanks.

If I’m reading that right, you just want to use the default launcher again?
restart your device, and before xibo loads, go to settings and look for defaults (some versions of android you can search your settings). on mine, it is Default Apps/Home App/. hope that helps.

I am running H96 Pro (S912) sticks with Android 7.0.

Hi, Thanks for your response.
That was the original problem. I am new to Xibo and thought it would be a good idea to set Xibo as the home launcher. The problem with restarting was xibo launched before anything else. Eventually, i managed to go to the apps menu, clear default apps, then reset the original one.

My new issue isn’t a problem as such. It is more about the xibo settings menus. From what i see:

  1. There is a short menu
  2. There is a comprehensive menu you can select the collect time, screen size etc.

It’s a Android bug in 7.0.
Happened to me has to downgrade Android to 6.0.1