Xibo and Windows Time

Dear Xibo Staff,

I’m trying to use a new command,

w32tm /resync

I created a layout with this command, but seems doing nothing unfortunately.
I tried the “runas” command too, without success.

I beleive isn’t possible, but before quitting this idea I’d like to ask… a workaround or an idea…?

Thank you,

Presuming you schedule that layout, how will it ever run if the time is wrong on the device to start with?

You need to have the time sync sorted at Windows level, and the Xibo uses that, not the other way around.

Windows runs a background time sync service, so you just need to configure that with an appropriate NTP server and it will do the rest.

Thanks Alex,

This happen because some clients keep the their players turned off for days.

I didnt know that windows sync clocks in background :sweat_smile: (Honestly, I knew it was there, but I thought it was not reliable.)
Cause some windows10 players didnt sync, even if connected to internet.
But the problem was the NTP server, now they sync perfectly.
Thanks so much for telling that. I learned something again.

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