Xibo 4, Linux, and hardware acceleration

I’ve been using Xibo to run 3 menu displays for almost 3 years and its been nearly perfect. The menus are 4K 60fps videos with HTML content on top.

I’m about to do a maintenance run on the system and seeing that V4 has been out for a little while I want to switch over, but have one major question.

Right now the Xibo Player is a simple SFF PC running windows 11. As much as I love Windows for my desktop, I would rather use Linux specifically something as close to vanilla Debian 12 as possible in this situation.

When I initially setup Xibo, I tried Linux and the primary issue seemed to be the lack of support for hardware acceleration. I know the base OS supported it as I was able to playback 4K media perfectly fine outside of Xibo, but the Xibo linux player didn’t seem to want to use the Intel iGPU on that system. Playback was incredibly choppy and always pushed the CPU to 100%. Even when I reduced the quality down to 720p, 30FPS, baseline h264 the playback would eventually get worse, and the CPU would still have unusually high usage.

Has that situation changed? Are there new recommendations to get smooth 4K playback using the Linux player?