I´ve upgraded my xibo and there are different problems with layouts which worked at previous version. DON´T UPGRADE!!!

Two layouts aren´t even displayed anymore: one layout tells me that duration can´t be 0 while the duration is displayed with 7:17. Deleting and re-creating doesn´t help. Video livestream player which worked stopped working also.

It´s a mess. I am so angry why this release isn´t tested for simple layout migrations. My layouts consists only of one sub playlist.

Sorry to hear you’ve experienced an issue upgrading.

I can assure you that we’ve spend the last weeks and months testing all sorts of upgrades; on layouts from 1.7 all the way to 3.3. Our aim is certainly to catch everything, but its always a shame when someone has a problem we didn’t catch.

If you’re happy to DM me an export of your layout from v3, I’d be happy to take a look at it and see why it doesn’t upgrade as expected.


Thanks, you´ve got a message.

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The root cause of this issue after some troubleshooting (thanks to @meisterpropper), we’ve discovered widgets configured with “Set a duration?” to on, and a duration of 0, which is an invalid combination that was not previously validated.

For reference that looks like this:

We have reported an issue to improve the validation message to make it easier to discover the root cause widget.

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