Xibo 4 - Changing default resolution when opening the Layout designer

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Xivo 4.0.2

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Android Xibo v4 (latest)Preformatted text


I want to change the resolution or default resolution or layout resolution (by default it takes landscape HD 1080p resolution) after clicking on “Add Layout” button. It seems if I manually change the resolution size at the Resolutions section, it crashes and shows an error saying that you dont have a valid layout resolution. I want to know how can I customize to portrait 800x1280 layout, when you want to create a new layout clicking the “Add Layout” button

You can try this method.
First you can add the resolution as you want in the resolution section on the left panel (Design—>Resolustions---->Add Resolution). Then you save and then you try to add layout and select the resolution that was added earlier. Good luck

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Hi Raymond! Thansk for replying back. What you mention, is pretty much the basic thing supported. That’s not quite what I was expecting to do. The idea is, by default, if you click on “Add Layout” the first resolution you might be presented is one of those I have already created using the left panel Resolution section (as you perfectly mentioned before) . I want to setup a potraint mode 800x1280, and instead , each time you create an empty Layout, first shows you 1080p landscape and later you have to change it. IT must be a way to setup a customized innitial resolution.

Then you can contact the xibo development team and you can submit as a feature request. I only know this method in xibo version 3 before and I have also tried it in xibo version 4.0.3, the result is the same. Good luck

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Hi, as @NewBie_1 has said you first need to create the Resolution you want to use and then select it to use from the properties panel in the Layout Editor. At present there is no functionality to set a default resolution and all enabled resolutions will show for selection from the properties panel. You can of course disable Resolutions so that they do not show for selection for users as well as change naming conventions.

Feel free to add a request for a default resolution feature to be considered for future releases by the team here: Feature Requests - Xibo Community

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Hi Natasha! Unfortunately I have already tried that without any luck. After disabling for instance the first resolution which is 1080p landscape , still shows up when any standard user tries to create a layout from the scratch. I have also tried removing the first one for instance, and when you later go to create one layout fails and doesn’t allow you to even open up the layout creating dialog showing an error message that there is no resolution available , when actually there are still many others.

So after looking I can see that there is an issue with disabling resolutions, that has been recorded here: Layout Editor : Resolutions not filtered by enabled flag · Issue #3173 · xibosignage/xibo · GitHub

I have attempted to recreate the other issues you are reporting but all is working as expected for me in that I can create a new resolution and select it for the Layout with no error. Could you take me through each step you are taking which results in this error so I can attempt to recreate.

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Justo to make long story short, when trying to remove first default resolution which is 1080p landscape (disabling didn’t work) it should take the other one listed as default. It shows you an error message and stops working without letting you go any further with the layout creating. If I choose not to remove it, instead I only replace the values making it portrait 1920px1080p (default version is 1080x1920) still doesn’t work and gives you an error.

Each time you create a new layout, opens a default landscape hd 1080p resolution and later you can choose from the list the one you prefer. The idea es to have only a single portrait full hd mode when you create a new layout as default (one of my choosing), but it seems not to be working either way (removing , disabling , changing the values, etc)

So the issue with disabling resolutions will be fixed for the next release. Once fixed it would still be shown as a Default Resolution when adding a new Layout (and shown in the dropdown as it is the current resolution for “new layouts”), once changed to use another resolution and saved, when you re-enter the Layout editor for that Layout then 1920x1080 would no longer be in the dropdown.

I have spoken to the dev team about the error you are seeing and they have explained that currently you cannot really disable 1920x1080 when adding new Layouts as all new Layouts default to this and if there is no resolution with these dimensions, it will error.
When you delete any resolution, which has previously been used it will be automatically recreated when you enter the Layout Editor and will just show for example 1920 x 1080 as it’s name.

As I have previously suggested, please do create a Feature request to add the ability to select a default resolution so we can get some wider feedback from the community for consideration.

Thanks Natasha! I hope we can have it fixed during the next release. Of course there must be always a default resolution, however with version 3 I was able to change it as neccesary (meaning which one I would like to setup as default). Btw, I don’t quite know how to make a feature request!. Is there an standard procedure, or how doest it work?.

Hi, the issue with the resolutions have been fixed in our latest release Xibo CMS 4.0.4 released

Please do create a new topic here for consideration :slight_smile:

Thank you