Xibo 4.04 and RSS Ticker

I am Using Xibo 4.04 with Docker. What looks like we are missing is the possibility to alter the RSS template.
We made a layout with 3.07; there it was possible to alter the appearance of the RSS Feed; wich we still use.
But, if i want to get full content of a message i wont get it working.
RSS feed comes from Wordpress. If we use rss.app it works. If i check the feed; also edited wordpress to generate extra feeds. But still no luck.

I am facing the same.
Upgrade from latest 3 to latest for and rss ticker is not working.
I tried using the default templates but it does not work either.
If I go to an old layout I can still see the old template design and it works fine.
But on the new layout I only have the default templates and none works.

Thank you both for posting!

Please do take a look at our Templates page in the developer manual. We are currently working on v4.1 to bring a module/template editor into the CMS: Key improvements for 4.1

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