Xibo 4.0.7 Calender issue


we are using Xib0 4.0.7.
We have somtimes trouble with the calendar widget.
And we are using an exchange calendar to export the appointments via ics -file

Sometimes/often we have the problem that new entries are not reflected on the displays.
This is also seen in the preview (so it does seems that this has not to do with the client displays).

It seems that the widget does not refresh the data?
Do you have already seen this?
Can I force a reload?


Hello, welcome to the community!

I believe there was an issue with Calendars which was identified and resolved in the 4.0.8 release. I would suggest that you update to the latest version being 4.0.10 in order to benefit from all the latest bug fixes and see if that resolves your issue. If it still persists then please do come back to us here :slight_smile: