Xibo 3rd year helping us!

Dear XIBO staff,

this year with XIBO was great, the new release is really poweful and has so many great new features.
I created a well-organized schedule, using the “order” option, so I can deal easy with campaign.
I can change layouts, without having a larger unique campaign.

(Advertising layouts) Display Order 2
(Events in my town) Display Order 4
(Other touristic stuff) Display Order 6
Order 8 is same of 4. Then Loop.
I left some “room” between orders so I can insert easily new campaigns when I need, without touching the other stuff.

I hope the next release will include css styles, some tools to repeat text styles I mean.

I attach some layouts just for ispiring…

These 2 are our recurring layouts, wich I copy and edit everytime, changing background, date, location of the event, and the media content on the right.

Thanks so much, for XIBO!