Xibo 2.3.2 - Docker Ubuntu - RSS gets the black screen

All the rss that I include in XIBO both in the preview version and in the player does not display the news, the screen is black with the borders in red. Any other type of media can display without problems, but I have not been successful with RSS.

Advanced> Report Fault does not find any error, the module part also has no problems.

I tried several RSS and currently the following does not work: http://www3.uol.com.br/xml/midiaindoor/internacional.xml

CMS Version: 2.3.2 Docker Ubuntu 18.04

Player Type: Android

Player Version 2.04

Xibo Digital Signage

Thank you for your message. I have been testing with your RSS feed and I was able to return data from your feed, but some adjustments were required.

The issue I found was that you have CDATA elements in your feed, which is stopping the data from being returned. When you are configuring your Ticker Widget, I would recommend adding cdata to the Strip Tags field, like in my screenshot below. Alternatively you can try ticking the Decode the HTML entities in this feed before parsing it, tried both and found each resolved the issue:


I then created a custom Template by Overriding the presets, as shown in my screenshot below:

The result was this:


I hope this helps to resolve your issue, if you would like a copy of the test Layout I created, just let me know and I will send it to you in a Private message.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback! I made the changes you suggested but I still can’t see the rss inside the preview and the android player. the screen goes black as shown in the image below.

would there be any other checks for me to do?

I did a clean installation of Xibo with Docker inside Ubuntu 18.04

Xibo Digital Signage2

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