Xibo 2.0 Alpha - Public or Private?


Hey There,

I recently saw, that the Xibo 2.0 Alpha has all issues closed at Github.
So, now I am wondering if there is/will be a public Alpha or if its just for signed up developers?

I really would be interested in testing the 2.0 Alpha.

Thanks and best Regards from Germany,


Hello, i am also interested in this Alpha :wink:


Hello, we also like to test the V2 Alpha version.
Please let us know when available.



Thanks, can you please check/repair the link for download Linux version(in the article)?


: we cannot edit text-items : About the layout designer:
We cannot change text-items or modules/widgets with text in it
the formatmenu appears, but when selecting the text, the format-menu suddenly disappears


We’re aware of this issue, it will be fixed in the next 2.0 release, the mouse click inside the inline editor is not registering correctly and instead of entering the inline text editor it goes back to the layout overview.

Technically you can access it, by selecting anything from the Snippets dropdown, that will put your cursor inside the text area, using keyboard only you can change the text there - obviously not ideal, we will get that fixed.

You can also access the editor in the Text Edit form (on the right from the viewer, by going to
Templates -> Main, click on Visual Editor to disable it and then you will see your text in a basic html editor when you can make your changes.

Of course the intended way of editing Text widget (and other similar widgets) is to use the inline editor, however as you pointed out in the alpha version there is a problem with accessing it, which we will address in the next release.

As a general note, if you find issues or have suggestions regarding 2.0 alpha, please create a new topic under the Dev category, just so it’s easier for us to see and manage it.

Both links should work fine there, both windows and linux point to the same files, just one in .zip archive and the other in tar.gz.