Xibo 1.8R4 Issues Thus Far

Hey there, community!

Long time lurker, first (second) time poster here. So I’ve tried out the Linux client and have some feedback that hopefully will be helpful! As I hope this isn’t too long a post, I’ll just jump into it -

  1. Xibo player is -super- sensitive to goofs. Needs more error handling or error forgiveness. Things that shouldn’t matter, matter, like having a new template fail because the background has enforce transitions but a time of zero. I believe the issue is that on creation, transitions come sans-duration which is an error as opposed to using a default (or if null then set to 1000). By this, I mean the background.

  2. Problem. No matter what I do, I can’t get a web browser to display. Using the below code throws an error that “>” is wrong (forgot the exact error but will get). If I try to display it as an html page, same issue. For the love of Xibo, I share with you “datarhmei’s Restreamer” technology! Using this, I can (on android) grab an m3u8 stream, turn it into a webpage restreamed and put on a display with some pretty good quality. Either way, no dice. As the link is sensitive, it’s been redacted, but will share with individuals for testing if you promise to keep it safe :slight_smile:

iframe src=“https://someplace.out.there/player.html” name=“restreamer-player” width=“800” height=“450” scrolling=“no” frameborder=“0” webkitallowfullscreen=“true” mozallowfullscreen=“true” allowfullscreen=“true”>/iframe>

Please note that the beginning < is actually there in my code, but the forums hate it :wink: all ending > are ok though.

Again, this link works in the android iframe, but not the webpage display for whatever reason, but iframe I can live with. On linux (ubuntu 18.04 on a minis forum box) neither works. The exact error is:

** Message: : console message: player.html @82: SyntaxError: Unexpected Token ‘>’

I’d also love to help test! I can get any log you need, or share whatever info I forgot. Since you admins/mods seem super-active, I LOVE XIBO! We white-labeled your solution and it’s in use in not one but TWO libraries! Digital signage, event boards, tablets by rooms for availability/meetings, it does it all. Thank you so much for a great product!


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Hi TTDJack, thank you by the way for the feedback, especially as you’re generally a lurker as opposed to a poster :slight_smile:. I will answer your points in order.

  1. Xibo for Linux 1.8 R4 does not support Transitions, which could explain the issue you are seeing when using a Template that is configured to enforce them, even if it is set to a duration of 0. I’ve provided a link to the Xibo for Linux page that includes the road map for future revisions. Transitions support is expected with the R5 release in the near future.
  1. Regarding the iframe, if you’re able to share the details in a private message, I’d be happy to take a closer look and test on my own Ubuntu 18.04 setup. ideally if you could export the Layout itself so I can see how it is configured, this would help too. Also if you’re able to pass on the error you’re receiving that would be great too.

It’s great that you’re keen for testing as well, thank you for confirming that. It’s always good to know which Users may be able to help with tests in the future!

Many Thanks.

Heya Dan! Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

As for #1, while it doesn’t support for ubuntu YET, the cms seems to add them anyway, but with a duration of null. This causes a freak-out in the linux player as I don’t think it’s got as much error checking as the android version. Little case of the cms being awesome and the linux player being… well, it loads backgrounds real nice :slight_smile:

As for #2, I’ll email you now and give my server a little poke to figure out exporting. Note in the template (assuming I manage it!) has three different flavors of this running around (link in pm). I was trying any and every iteration to get this to play.

And yes, I can test and dev and do all manner of sneaky computer things :slight_smile: I’m a network/server guy myself, so I’m pretty knowledgeable, but I will admit that android is my weak spot. Linux, Mac, Windoze… well, loving two out of three ain’t bad!

I can happily test live, or even set up a remote session. Anydesk works great with this little ubuntu micropc so I can remote in and thief anything from /var/log in a minute.

2.2.0 cms by the way. I know, I need to update to latest. Afraid to, dunno why… :wink:


Thanks TTDJack,

If you go to the Templates > click the button at end of Template > choose Alter Template, it should open in the Layout Designer. If you do not have a Widget selected, you should find that the top right window is the Edit Layout options. Scroll down and there should be an Automatically apply transitions option like shown below:

Can you confirm this option is not ticked in your template?

I’ll take a look at the PM and run some tests with the links, then I can let you know what I find. I can understand the urge to avoid upgrading your CMS but it’s definitely worth doing to keep those bug fixes and features up to date.

Haha 2 out of 3 certainly isn’t bad, I’m sure that you’ll be more than comfortable with Android in no time, I may well trouble you for some logs later but for now should be ok.

Many Thanks.

Yes, that option is checked. That answers one question! Now to see if you can stream :slight_smile: