Xibo 1.8+ Dev Tools


I am on the way to understand xibo and it’s dev environment. Can you share me some documents or more information about the tools or dev environment which you use to develop Xibo 1.8 series? For example, did you use any code generator tool to make the entity, I saw some things like
* @SWG\Property(
* description=“Application Key”
* )
* @var string
in the code, I guess you may use swagger to generate these from swagger.json … but I am not really clear about this. I am sorry, I may have a stupid question, because I am not a professional in this case.


You are close, but its the other way around… those comments generate a swagger.json file. You may look at the generator project for more information: https://github.com/zircote/swagger-php

you mean that these file was made manually and these comments is also added by hand to support to generate the swagger.json file by using swagger-php tool?

Exactly right :smiley:

Xibo generates the swagger.json, it is not generated by the swagger.json.

Thank you very much, I got it.