Xibo 1.8 CMS setup on IIS for Windows 2008 server


Can anyone help me with installation of 1.8 CMS. I have been trying since long on windows 2008 server with IIS setup, but still not luck. It will be good if anyone who has been successfully running it post a screencast of the step by step process.


You might want to think about using the Xibo Docker project for that - it will give you a far better environment to work with than using IIS directly on that box.

What issue are you having… If you stuck with 404 errors then its the URL rewrite issue. The instructions don’t talk about it a lot… But you have to import the .htaccess files into your APP using the URL rewrite icon…

.htaccess does not help IIS. You must use URL rewrite.

/install/1 or install/2 errors will go away once this is done.

There are some further ideas here: Trouble installing 1.8