Xibo 1.8.1 with an alternate web browser

I have a Predix web app that looks correct in Firefox and Chrome, but not IE11. As a result the .net web control isn’t working well for a webpage I’m trying to display. As a result I tried to integrate GeckoFx into Xibo and got it in there ok, but it’s not rendering correctly. Note that this is a special case where I have to add some code to auto-login to a page, etc., so I had to make special changes to the client anyway.

I know that CEF isn’t included anymore - just wondering if anyone has tried to integrate a different web control and if they’ve had any success. If so would anyone mind sharing their source code? I’m ok with a little instability. Unfortunately in this case I have no other option.

Also note that this is an internal webpage so unfortunately I can’t share it. I did set the IE registry settings to force IE11 emulation (the native settings defaulted to IE7 or something and didn’t display the page at all).