Xibo 1.8.1 DB Details


We have configured the xibo 1.8.1 on Linux with docker. Now i want to see the database details of the CMS.
Kindly suggest from where i can get these details like Database name, User name, Password.

I believe it’s like that:

Database User - cms
Password - as set in the config.env
Database name - cms

its not working for us. Also we are not able to locate any php file in the folder structure.

What is not working and how are you trying to access mysql database please?

We are trying to access the Database through MySQL Workbench.


We are not able to locate any php files in the folder structure created through the xibo1.8.1 installation. can you please share the folder path where we can locate php files.

I think, Page name is not showing due to URL rewrite code. so i am not able to get the path of the page.

The PHP files are inside the containers. They aren’t supposed to be modified directly. Folders are provided for custom middleware and custom themes which should provide all the customisation you need.

Similarly, MySQL runs inside it’s own container, and isn’t exposed to the host machine by default.

If you want to connect to it, there’s an article here which explains how you can do so:

Thanks Alex. We are trying to connect the cms database that resides in the docker through MySQL workbench. Through workbench we are able to connect the system databases however not able to connect the xibo 1.8.1 database (cms). We are using the cms in docker environment.

kindly suggest…

The database runs in its own container as I explained in my last reply.

You cannot connect to it from the host machine in its default

You need to adjust the docker-compose file to expose the database server
container port to the host, and then you could connect to it with

Note however making direct changes to the database means we cannot offer
you support for your installation. All modifications should take place via
the CMS Web interface or via the API.

Currently we are using xibo 1.7.9 on Linux server as Ubuntu 12.04 (x64). Kindly suggest if upgradation from xibo 1.7.9 to xibo 1.8.1 through docker is possible on this os.

Ubuntu 12.04 ended support a few months ago now. It no longer receives security upgrades, so I would strongly suggest you upgrade to at least Ubuntu 14.04.

Since 12.04 is no longer updated, Docker don’t build packages for it. You may be able to find packages for Docker on Ubuntu 12.04, but I suspect the kernel supplied is also too old. I think you’re going to be fighting an uphill battle if you go down that path.