Xiblo windows client error swapping to https

since i’ve upgraded from v3.3.0 to v4.0.1 and 4.02 (xibo with container), the player is unable to download files and to display pages.

I upgraded The player to V4 R400. (windows 10 pro).
From the client if i click on connect : OK
I click on Display admin : OK
On the xibo interface (see the image), the player is ok

Force to HTTPS is uncheck on the xibo interface

Any clue ?

if i try to download an another layout, this message appear
exception in run

And i have a strange behaviour : i’ve got agenda pages, and the player display an old version of them (i format the PC client and reinstall xibo player, so no local data on the PC).

my mistake, i didn’t remember the difference between draft and preview.
So the layouts are displayed now, but there is always the message Error swapping to https and Exception in Run, cache not ready.

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