XAMPP server torouble - Getting slow

Hello everyone!

I have a system running 10 Xibo Clients. 6 on Android and 4 on Windows.
I am having trouble with my web server. For the system I chose to run it on XAMPP on Windows 10 Pro 64bit.
As far as I can tell everything is configured OK but the trouble is still there.
The CMS runs fine however every few days the server gets slower and slower until it needs to be restarted as a process.
I followed everything I could find about XAMPP but it still gets slower after 2-3 days.
I changed the power plan to High Performance, Apache cache is turned on, SQL has been given more than enough recourses to use but it still goes slow after 2-3 days. There is nothing in the LOG files to indicate a problem and I am really desperate at this point.
Please if anyone has some advice or a configured XAMPP version and is willing to share I will be great full.

Thanks in advance!

hi. u encounter the same problem like mine. are you resolved it yet ?

Sadly i never found solution. Moved on to docker.
It is better but not ideal.
Sorry, hope you have better luck than me.

hi can i ask why u said not ideal ? may i know why ? what difference between docker and xampp sir ?