WinPlayer 1.8-beta - Items expiring

Hi all,
I’d like some help to discover how a layout expiration is implemented…

What I understood is that, generally, a layout expire when every region it contains expire (even forced or not).
Which is the flag (or event) that make a region expired?

I’m trying to implement a “forced restart” of a region and I’d like that the restarted region will whole played…

Any idea? (Maybe @dan? :blush:)

Thanks in advance!


Each Media item fires a MediaDurationElapsed event when it is finished. That is caught by the Region controller that owns the media, which then increments the current sequence (assuming the layout hasn’t been marked as expired) and configures the next media item.

Region.EvalOptions() is where that happens - which fires a Region expired event if the media has been looped.

You could look to manipulate the currentSequence to restart the region - provided it hasn’t already expired of course.

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Many thanks Dan! :slight_smile: