WinPlayer 1.8-beta - Direct Show Player

Hi all,
I’d like to know if DSPlayer, in 1.8 beta version, is still a mockup or it already works.
Because my knowledge in “direct show” is very poor, I’d like to know, choosing it, which the benefits should we have…

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile:

The DirectShow player hasn’t been advanced at all and will most likely be removed. The person implementing it gave up when they realised that it was worse than the WMP player.

Any future improvements in that area will most likely come as a VLC integration, rather than any movement into DirectShow.

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I’m very glad to read this :slight_smile:

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Hi Dan,
is there a way to set VideoRenderingEngine setting from CMS UI? If yes from where? I can’t find it…

Sorry no, there is not - simply because the alternative one doesn’t work.

If someone contributed a different video rendering engine that did work - we would add the setting to the Display Settings Profile. lib/Entity/DisplayProfile.php.

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