Windows10 Player Crash

Player Version: V2-R257
CMS Version: 2.3.10

I’ve recently moved to the latest CMS on Docker Windows 10 having been using v1.7.9 for a few good few years. I’m still running my old server on 1.7.9 but trying to migrate my clients to the new server running 2.3.10.

I’ve installed the latest windows installer on 2 different computers running a fresh install of windows 10 (fully updated). Both clients are constantly crashing. I’ve tried the default layout and also my layout exported from 1.7.9 and have the same experience even if a layout isn’t assigned.

Below is a screenshot of the errors I’m getting in event viewer. The client crashes after a few seconds of being open. Watchdog stays open and will re-open the client, but it just crashes again after a few seconds. This cycle repeats itself until I close the watchdog client too.

I’ve seen a few other topics on similar errors, but not seen a fix for them.

Any help would be appreciated.

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