Windows Stuck on SplashScreen + errors


I am running CMS trough Docker and one the display on Windows.

I get this errors :

I m just trying to show the default layout on this screen, but it’s stuck on the splash screen with all theses errors, I don’t get it.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Clement, welcome to the community!

There are a couple of errors that could be the cause of your issue. The first error I noticed is:

Error swapping to HTTPS. E= Unable to connect to the remote server.

Can you confirm if your CMS is set up with a HTTP or HTTPS URL? If you are not using HTTPS, please can you make sure that the Force HTTPS options are switched off in your CMS? You can locate this option in two locations:

Global Setting:

  • Go to the Settings menu in your CMS and go to the network tab. You will see the option on this page.

Profile Setting:

  • Go to the Display Settings page in your CMS.
  • Click the button at the end of the Windows profile you are using and choose Edit from the menu.
  • You will see the option on the Network tab:

The next issue I noticed is referring to Powerpoint. Are you using a Powerpoint presentation in your layout? If yes, you will need to follow the instructions in the following document to enable Powerpoint:

Please note that you must have a full copy of Powerpoint installed on your PC, plus you will need to make the registry changes mentioned in the guide to be able to use that module. Alternatively, you can export your presentation as a PDF or video and use the Video or PDF widgets to display it in your layout instead.

If the issue persists after you have made the above changes, please can you provide the following information:

  • What player version are you using? You can find this out on the Displays page in your CMS by clicking Column Visibility button and choosing Version.
  • What version is your CMS? This can be found on the login page.
  • Can you send me an exported copy of your layout in a private message?

Many Thanks.

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