Windows script to turn TV on

Hello! I’ve been using Xibo to display digital signage within my company for some months now. Its very useful and awesome, so my team and I were thinking of taking it a step further and invest more on digital signage. We have purchased a micro desktop running windows 7, and we’ve been running tests with various hardware/software in order to make it easier to manage remotely. One thing I read online was that you can schedule a script in Windows using task scheduler, to turn a TV on/off. I was wondering if anyone can expand on this, or have any information on the matter. Is there a specific TV that works with this feature? What is the script that would have to be scheduled in order to make this happen?
Any information would greatly help.
Thanks in advanced!


We’ve been looking at something similar and found that hdmi-cec could perhaps be the thing we need.
What you need is a hdmi-cec usb adapter since the graphics card can’t send those signlas over hdmi by itself, at least not yet.
We are still in the planing state and haven’t tried anything yet so if you do, please share your results :smiley:

Here is a link to a hdmi-cec usb adapter

Here is a link about hdmi-cec

Thank you for the info! ill look into and see if I can get one to test out. Will definitely report back with the results.

You could try nircmd.exe from nirsoft
free tool AND works excellent!!!