Windows Resizing Resulting in Pixelation

Hello All,
I just wanted to post this information for anyone else who may run into it. It ended up being a solution that I found on my own some time ago, but I’ve seen it crop up more beyond signage, so I imagine others may have seen it.

If you notice that what should be high resolution images or vector text actually seems blocky or pixelated, your display may be zoomed in via Windows settings.

Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature that the system will “zoom in” to increase the size of buttons and some system text. This is found by right clicking the desktop and selecting the Display Setting button. Depending on your video card and the device you connect to, Windows may automatically set the zoom to a recommended size of 150% (the number I’ve seen most frequently).

The weird part here is sometimes (for unknown reasons), this setting will revert to being zoomed in. I haven’t been able to narrow down what causes it, but I hope this solution at least helps anyone who has noticed this an written it off (like I initially did) as a graphic or screen quality issue.

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