Windows players to able to connect to CMS: V4.0.03

Hey Everyone,

First time posting anything so be nice. lol

virtual on-premises server - ubuntu 20.04
upgraded to v4.0.3
4 windows clients - windows 11 pro

All four of them aren’t able to connect to the CMS and i can’t even reach the portal either.
The error when trying to reach the portal:
" hmmm… can’t reach this page"
took too long to respond.

I’m able to ping the server from the window machines. i’ve added the watchdog and client to the windows firewall. i’ve turned off AV completely. Reset the network adapter and cleared out dns.

Here’s the kicker.

The machine that i’m running the vm on is able to connect to the portal without issue!

What else could i try besides a reinstall of the windows OS?

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