Windows player show website with embedded video


I’ve built a site to show multiple Instagram posts in one page.
When the articles contain a video the Xibo Windows player shows a black video box.

The html looks like:

The browsers (edge, firefox and chrome) on the player windows machine show the site with video normally.

Are there some settings to be changed to the video show properly?

Windows 10
Player 4.401
Xibo 4.0.5 on FreeBSD

Kind regards,

Hi @havit

Please can you try entering the URL for your website into the Edge Browser Whitelist in the Settings Profile for your Windows displays? In the below image, I’ve entered the address for YouTube as an example.

Hello Frazer,

Thanks for the response.
This does work however Meta/Instagram keeps changing the first part of the video/media url.

Is there some way to wildcard it?

For now I bypassed this by letting my insta-webpage download and store the video’s on my server.

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Can you put the link to your website into the Edge Browser Whitelist, instead of entering the links to the videos/media?