Windows Player R302.4 doesn't connect with CMS V2.3.14

Player Version

Windows Player v3R302.4

CMS Docker Installation on Ubuntu 20.04LTS: Version 2.3.14


Player not connect to CMS:
Unable to register new displays - Client found response content type of ‘text/plain;charset=UTF-8’, but expected ‘text/xml’

CMS Log:
XMDS Error: The player does not have the correct version to communicate with this CMS.

Is there a problem with the new release of the windows player r302-4 concerning legacy mode with Version 2.x CMS?

Thank you for your message. One of the updates in the R302 release is changing the XMDS schema to v6:

This change means that R302 cannot be used with version 2 CMS instances. I can see there is a typo in the release post which will be corrected shortly. it is recommended to use the player version that matches your CMS version, in this case that would be R258. Thank you for pointing this out and our apologies for the confusion.

Many Thanks.

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