Windows Player installation failure

Hello, I have downloaded and installed the current version 2.254.1 of the Windows Xibo Client. Unfortunately an error message appears during the installation, which reads: “Xibo Player ended prematurely because of an error.” This version should be installed over an existing installation. There are no more remnants in the installation path. Error status of the installation: 1603. Does anyone have an idea to fix this error?

FWIW, same issue here with the latest version of the Windows player, 2.255.3


You have to delete all installation files installed, and then relaunch the .msi file with Admin privilege.


If you are in a professionnal environment, it may be caused by two powershell files extracted in %appdata% while launching the setup.
Those PS file are not signed so windows is aborting the installation.

So launching with admin privileges is not necesarly a solution, especially when the behaviour is depending on GPO and administrative templates.

That is interesting - those are probably related CheckNetIsolation for embedding Edge. Are you able to confirm their contents for me to double check?

I think that this might prove to be a workaround: Advanced Installer Community - Installer fails due to missing digital signature on Powershell scripts, even if they're signed

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