Windows Player 2R254.1 screenshot requests at high resolution don't work anymore


One of our players controls a wall of 5 x 2 screens and I upgraded the player version from 2R201 to 2R254.1 today.

The Windows profile has a size of 9600 width and 2160 height.

Screenshots worked well until now but when I make a screenshot request after the upgrade, it just does nothing. The thumbnails don’t refresh and nothing happens.
If I edit the profile settings and change it to 1980 x 1080, it works.

Did you put a maximum size or something ? Because it worked well with 9600 x 2160 in the previous versions.

Thank you for your help.

This isn’t something we’ve done intentionally and must be related to our switch to WPF.

I’ve created an issue for us to look into it:

Thank you Dan. Hope you’ll find it simply :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried several different configurations to recreate this issue now and unfortunately I cannot. I don’t have a setup to test with such a large resolution though - the biggest I have is 4k+1080p side by side (that is 4920x1920).

Each time I have tested I do get a screenshot returned.

I’ve double checked what we’re doing in the code and it seems to be fine. Please can you check your logs for errors and get back to me?


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