Windows client video performance

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Trying to play a 4K video in Xibo Windows client (windows 2 R255.3-255) is jerky, but the same file played from the Xibo library using VLC is perfect. Is there a way to make Xibo use VLC as its video rendering is miles better than the Xibo/media player offering.


Yes, i had the same issue. Even got RTSP working after a few changes on the computer.

As far as I know, the Windows client app is using Windows Media Player as default player. Even if you change default player app to VLC, it’s still using Windows Media player. Tried to look into the source file but couldn’t figure out what is needed to change the Xibo client code to use VLC.

But after installing K-Lite codec pack (MEGA), media player is able to play RTSP streaming URL, also other videofiles. Be aware to make some changes to the codec tweak application. If you optimize the settings specifically for Windows media player and it works, than it will work in Xibo client!!!

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