Windows-based players from Beelink, Nexbox, Wintel: opinions?

I’ve been looking at a few Windows-based options for Xibo players/clients, since our organization has plenty of Win7 licenses available. I’d like the community’s opinions on any of these:

  • Beelink Z83-II
  • Beelink Z83-V
  • Nexbox T10
  • Wintel T8

They’re all Intel Atom x5 Z8300/8350-based, with 2GB RAM and 32GB storage, they all have HDMI out, Ethernet and wifi networking, and they all cost about $100.

Our hardware needs are modest; we’re not displaying videos and some of our displays have resolutions under 1080p.

One thing I don’t know about any of them is whether they’ll turn on automatically after a temporary power loss.

We are no longer looking for this sort of hardware, so I withdraw the question.