Windows 10 home / font not working

hello, im trying to get my company font working. i can select it in xibo and its seems to get correctly transfered to the client but the client is only displaying times new roman.

has anyone an idea what i need to do, to get this working.

Many fonts have licence terms built in to them that prevent them being embedded in a web browser. Check the licence file that comes with your font and see if that is the case. If so you’ll need to speak to the font author and ask them to provide a version that can be embedded.

thanks for your answer!

the problem is: the font is getting displayed when i open the transmitted 128b175dd5eb4980bc6c06a0a33aece9.htm files. Only the player cant display it…

Did you make the registry edits to increase the version of Internet Explorer being used in the Player?

Yes, i did and i checked now again to make shure i made it correct. I dont know if this setting is getting recognized at all. How can i check this? I checked now again under win 10 pro and its not working there too.

If you put a webpage media type in pointing to

It should show you what’s in use.

The fact the HTML loads and works when you open it in a browser suggests that Xibo is doing everything right and this is some issue with .net framework.

Thanks again!

Puhh! I managed to get it working and it was indeed an embedding restriction, but Edge seems not to care about it only IE (and obviously the .net Framework as well). On my home system i dont have IE 11 installed.
The page you mentioned has a restriction to be put into an iframe… put i used another one instead. Thats working too.

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Excellent. Glad you have it working :smile: