WINDOWED MODE "minimize, maximize, full screen and always on top"

Looking for an answer for this, I found that many people look for and ask about the way to close the presentation (xibo), as well as the simple fact of being able to open it in the PC in window mode.

It would really facilitate its use if you had the normal Windows options "minimize, maximize, close window, full screen and always on top", and that these could be accessed by simply turning on any option in the configuration profile of "Display Settings", which could be called: “Windows Explorer mode” and another called: “monitor mode (default)” to preserve the classic configuration.

In my case it would be very useful to be able to see in real time the functioning of the xibo server allowing me to work on other tasks without the xibo taking possession of the entire monitor of my pc.

Thanks for listening and greetings from Colombia. :grin:

The secret of something being popular is simple, the simpler, the greater its use… :sunglasses:

Many thanks to all for this great program! :heart_eyes: Thanks, again